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The ionized alkaline water produced by electrolysis process, has antioxidant properties, a higher pH, and is composed of smaller molecular compounds than those of regular water.

Property 1

Woman drinks alkaline water from a glass


In order to maintain a proper acid and alkaline balance in the body, the damaging effect of free radicals has to be reduced. This is exactly what antioxidants do. 

Alkaline water in a glass

Water alkalinity (pH)

The pH scale measures the acid-content of a given substance. The body can only function normally when the blood has low-level alkalinity (7.35-7.45).

Alkaline water in a glass

Smaller molecular compounds

Ionized alkaline water molecules are bound into substantially smaller compoun compared to regular drinking water. Therefore, alkaline water is more fluid, passes through cell membranes more easily 


Possible uses of Alkaline water
Possible uses of alkaline water

The recommended water pH for daily consumption is 8.4-8.8.
Based on the recommendations of nutrition specialists, a person’s daily intake of water should be 30 ml of water per kg of weight (for example, a person that weighs 70 kg should drink 2.1 liters of water a day (0.03 x 70). 

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