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Property 3. Smaller molecular compounds

Water molecules have a special property that allows them to bond into molecular compounds (also known as microclusters) Ionized alkaline water 

molecules are bound into substantially smaller compounds (5-6 molecules) compared to regular drinking water (10-13 molecules). Therefore, alkaline water is more fluid, passes through cell membranes more easily, and participates directly in metabolic processes, i.e, the body no longer needs additional energy in order to absorb the water. Alkaline water enters tissues much more easily than regular water, removing built-up toxins, supplying cells with water, necessary nutrients and oxygen more easily. Because of the smaller molecular compounds, the acidic waste that is produced as a 

by-product of regular body functions is easier to dissolve in alkaline water and is then discharged through the kidneys or in other natural ways.

Smaller molecular compounds of alkaline water - body absorbs water faster.


Alkaline water is more fluid, therefore cells are better supplied with water, and also toxins are effectively removed from the body.

Molecular compounds of alkaline water
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