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Note: None of the statements below have been evaluated by the US FDA. Silver water generators are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition. Consult your doctor.

In the XIX century researchers discovered the disinfecting properties of copper, gold and silver metals. Studies concluded, that the bacteria of diphtheria died within two days when placed on a silver plate, within six days on a copper plate and within eight days on a golden plate. The bacteria of typhoid fever died within 18 hours on silver and copper plates and within 6–7 days on a golden plate. Staphylococci died within two days on a silver plate, within three days on a copper plate and within nine days on a golden plate.


Silver is 1,750 times stronger than carbolic acid of the same concentration and 5.5 times stronger than mercury chloride (corrosive sublimate). Silver water is more effective than chlorine, sodium hydrochloride and other strong oxidizers of the same concentration. The effect of silver water also depends on the concentration of silver ions (mg/l). The higher the concentration, the stronger the bactericidal effect of silver water against almost all types of microorganisms.


Silver water is enriched with dissolved positive silver ions, which have an antibacterial effect. The silver ions move towards the cell walls of bacteria and, being smaller, easily enter the interior of these micro-organisms. Once they are inside, silver ions impair the function of the bacteria’s enzymes and proteins, thereby killing it. 

How silver ions affect microbe?

Screen Shot 2021-01-30 at 09.22.01.png
How silver ions affect mocrobe?

There is exceptional property of silver water, unlike most antibiotics, it eliminates not only bacteria, but viruses and fungi as well. Silver as a natural antibiotic destroys more than 650 harmful microorganisms whereas common antibiotics destroy only 5–10. More importantly, bacteria and viruses cannot adapt to the effect of silver water and, as a result, cannot become immune to it, which is not the case for widely used antibiotics.

Another important thing is that silver water not only fights the bacteria but also destroys the toxins they secrete. What is more, silver does not damage the useful micro flora of the intestines and other organs.

Note: Ask your doctor about silver water, its concentrations, usage of treating various diseases and ailments. Read specialized literature.

Prolonged usage of Silver Water

Prolonged usage of Silver water

People often ask if prolonged usage of silver water can result in undesired side effects. The human body needs 0.088 mg of silver (with food) every day in order for the immune system to function properly. If a person drinks 1 liter of silver water which concentration is 0.01 mg/l (usually such concentrations of silver can be found in bottled mineral water) every day, then when he turns 70 he will have consumed 255 mg of silver (365 x 70 x 0.01). Furthermore, a considerable amount of silver is removed naturally from the body. Even if these 255 mg of silver enter the body it will only cause a stimulating effect (hormesis).

But prolonged usage (a couple of months and more) of large quantities (1 liter per day) of silver water with a concentration above 0.05 mg/l means that the resulting accumulating silver in the body may exceed the physiologically safe limit. This may cause the so-called argyria – tissue, mucus of internal organs, and the eyes become blue or bluish-grey colored. Argyria develops because of too much silver or its salts in the body. 

Note: To make Silver water using the Silver generator, ALWAYS use distilled water.

Any water apart from Distilled water or Medical Grade pure water has too many impurities in it and will not produce Colloidal Silver good enough for normal use.

Distilled water or Medical Grade pure water is the only water that is normally pure enough to work correctly.

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