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Customized Ionic Cartridge for WaterAg Ionizer machine. It separates Alkaline and Acidic water inside the main container (pitcher)


New model of Ionic Cartridge will last you for 6-12 months (depends on usage) to produce your daily ionized alkaline drinking water for WaterAg water ionizer. 


  • In normal regular use, cartridge is recommended to be changed every 6 months or if it’s damaged (sign of physical hole or cut in the filter). 
  • It takes only 5 seconds to change the cartridge. Much easier to remove & insert compared to the previous model
  • Cartridge has a special porous structure required for the ionization process
  • Cartridge does not contain substances that decompose during electrolysis


Note: Cartridge is not hermetic, so leaking may appear when container with acidic water is removed from the pitcher. It won’t affect the quality of alkaline water.

WaterAg | Ionic Cartridge

    1. Remove a small white container from the pitcher
    2. Replace old cartridge with a new one
    3. Enjoy your soft alkaline water
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Alkaline water

The ionized alkaline water produced by electrolysis process, is high pH water, it has antioxidant properties, and is composed of smaller molecular compounds than those of regular water. 

Acidic water

Ionized Acidic water is used externally for cleaning and disinfecting the skin and household surfaces. 


Colloidal Silver water

Silver water is enriched with dissolved positive silver ions, which have an antibacterial effect.

Who benefits from alkaline water filter?

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Anyone who cares about their wellbeing

 Alkaline water is the best pH water for drinking. Drinking alkaline water is beneficial for anyone seeking to take care of their wellbeing in the long term. Daily drinking of water ionized with water ionizer machine WaterAg helps the body naturally recover from exertion and stress, gives the body strength, and normalizes blood pressure and digestion.

  • Disinfection

Active people and athletes 

The natural antioxidant in ionized water increases endurance and promotes the production of enzymes needed for digestion and weight control. The higher pH level helps to neutralise the lactic acid formed as a result of high sporting activity. This in turn helps to relieve muscle pain after training.

  • Disinfection

Pregnant woman,

 children and families

Keeping the acid-alkali balance is important for the wellbeing of a pregnant woman and her child, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. Ionized alkaline water helps to reduce nausea and other symptoms of toxicosis.

Ionized water optimally balanced with saturated alkaline mineral ions helps to compensate for mineral deficiencies during pregnancy and lactation.

  • Disinfection

Elderly people

Ionzed alkaline water helps to revitalise the body of the elderly person, improves well-being and provides strength. It helps to stimulate cell regeneration and slows down the ageing process, normalizes blood pressure over time, helps to treat various gastric and duodenal ulcers, helps to regulate calcium in the blood, has an antioxidant effect and removes toxins

  • Disinfection
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