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Have you ever noticed that flowers tend to flourish after the rain? This is because rainwater is acidic, and plants happen to like it.

Acidic water is overflowed with acidic minerals and other vital elements that ensure great nutrition and hydration.

Some people don’t pay much attention to the plant’s soil pH, but this could completely change the look and feel of the plants. Also, it could save a lot of money, which are spent for plant food and fertilizers, and to treat plant diseases and pests.

If you see your green friends stop thriving, follow these tips:

🌱If someone brings you a bouquet of fresh flowers, dip their stems into ionized acidic water and they will bloom longer.

🌱If your pot plants are wilting and looking a bit colorless, don’t throw them out. Water them once with strong acidic water (pH=2.5-3.5) and then twice with strong alkaline water (pH=8.5-9.5). Afterwards keep going with regular water.

🌱As a preventive measure, we advise watering healthy plants with slightly alkaline water (pH=7.5-8.5) once a week. Other times use regular water.

🌱 Strong acidic water (pH=2.5-3.0) is a natural disinfectant. It is widely used in agriculture because it can kill bugs, bacteria, fungi, viruses and mould. You can spray infestations with strong acidic water (pH=2.5). The parasites will perish or leave. Their eggs will perish too.

Provide your plants with the correct soil pH balance and see them thrive.

💧WaterAg machine is able to produce any desired pH from 2.4 to 11.

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