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An apple is a great example of what free radicals and antioxidants can do. Once the protective layer of an apple is severed (ie, when the apple is cut in half), the oxidation process begins. 


After a while, the apple turns brown. This is a result of the effect of free

radicals. Antioxidants, such as ionized alkali water or lemon juice, protect the apple fresh from oxidation. Adding a few drops of lemon juice to the apple or submerging it into ionized alkaline water will interrupt the oxidation process.


It is important to know that the ionized alkaline water produced by the electrolysis process can only maintain its negative ORP for a short period of time - up to 24-36 hours. Once this period of time passes, the ORP value of the water goes back to being neutral or a weak positive.


Therefore it is recommended to consume the ionized alkaline water as fresh as possible, preferably within 12hours of the electrolytic process. This also explains why ionized alkaline water cannot be bottled and sold to the consumers directly.

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